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Superball & Bend Burlesque

Local at the Tower!
Reserved Seating, Doors open at 6:30pm.

This event is intended for adult & mature audiences only.

Tickets $17 - $27 (plus fees)


This show is intended for adults and mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Questions or concerns? Please contact the box office at 541-317-0700 or


Greetings time travelers and bell bottom wearers – the late 60’s and 70s is back and Superball is ready to rock! Featuring guitarist Kye Kennedy, bassist Dan Larsson, and guitar/keyboard player and percussionist Matt Fletcher, all from the wildly popular Beatles cover band, Juju Eyeball, plus drummer extraordinaire Sean Rule, Superball travels to the late 60s and 70s, in search of all those fun and exciting hits that made us want to go out and buy all that vinyl! The band members have been on MTV/had Top 40 hits, played with Emmy and Grammy winners, and are veteran recording and touring international musicians.   But these devotees to rock don't just talk the talk, they also wear the bell bottoms. So, dust off your LPs, find your flares, and let's boogie! 


Since being founded in 2014, Bend Burlesque has been a staple in Central Oregon’s artistic community as we have sought to let our birds out of their cages. Over the years we have expanded and grown, and have a full troupe of glorious performance artists that aim to tease and express themselves in the most anticipatory ways!

Burlesque has a long and varied history. Our brand of burlesque seeks to operate within traditional definitions of the art form while leaving the door open to explore other mediums. We desire to free the stigma of sensuality, to empower both men and women to better understand ourselves and each other! All while having a platform to parody our existence as we know it publicly, to encourage our community to think critically about the things we hold true.

Simply put, in its essence, burlesque is a study of human nature and we hold it in high matter how low brow we go.





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