Robert Cray Band


“You gotta keep your ears open and expand your mind." – Robert Cray

Tickets:  Reserved Seating $38, $48, $58

Open ears and an open mind are the essence of singer, guitarist and songwriter Robert Cray’s approach to writing, recording and playing music. He has created a sound that rises from American roots and arrives today both fresh and familiar. In just over 40 years Cray and his band have recorded 20 studio releases, 15 of which have been on the Billboard charts, and played bars, concert halls, festivals and arenas around the world. There are five Grammys with Cray’s name on them, and he has a suitcase full of W.C. Handy blues awards. Four years ago Cray was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

Electric blues singer/songwriter Tommy Hogan will be opening for the Robert Cray Band.



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