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Your Humble Servant

A Play with music by James L. Crowell


Tickets:  Reserved Seating $22.00, $27.50 (plus historical preservation fee) 

Produced and Directed by David DaCosta

Starring David DaCosta as President John Adams

The remarkably intimate and candid letters exchanged by John and Abigail Adams---
from teenage courtship through death---have been labeled “a national treasure.” When blended
with those they exchanged with Thomas Jefferson for a half century, they constitute the most
valuable private correspondence in the history of our Republic. And they span the complete
range of human emotion, from love and adoration to mutual hate and vengeance.
Inspired by the Broadway hit, “Love Letters,” James Crowell, playwright, and David
DaCosta, director/producer, bring these letters to dramatic theatre life in a provoking new play with music.

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