Sunriver Music Festival Piano Showcase Concert II

Tickets available at the door. Online sales have been shut off.
Featuring Tanya Gabrielian, Randy Porter, and Arthur Migliazza

Tickets:  General Admission $35 concert ticket.  $80 Adult $40 Student Festival Pass

Sunriver Music Festival presents Piano Showcase: From Bach to Boogie to Jazz

This 2-day event will be enjoyed by Central Oregon visitors and residents of all ages.
Concerts and workshops are geared toward music-makers and music-appreciators alike.

April 13-14,2018 

Concert - 7:30p.m. Friday evening featuring all three performers 

Workshops,master classes, and more throughout the day Saturday

Concert II - 7:30p.m. Saturday evening highlighting collaborations with all three artists (The two evening concerts are two completely different programs– you’ll want to attend both!) www.sunrivermusic.org for complete schedule details.

YOU,along with piano teachers,piano players,and music-appreciators of all stripes.Unique to this event is the integration of multiple genres of music.  Always considered yourself a purely classical enthusiast?  Let’s see how the jazz cats swing it! Prefer a tangy jazz lick or walking bass groove?  Hear about Bach and Beethoven’s influence on the bluest of blue notes.

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