Roy Orbison Returns!

Presented by Wiley Ray and the Big O Band!
Reserved seating, doors open at 6:30 pm.

Tickets: $25 - $49 (plus $3 Historic Preservation fee)

Featuring popular national touring group, Wiley Ray & The Big O Band, this sweeping multimedia concert will delve into the hit songs (“Crying,” “Pretty Woman,” “Only the Lonely” and more), real-life moments, and career achievement highlights of the legendary country singer/songwriter, Roy Orbison. 

Backed by his 5-piece band, front man and bandleader Wiley Ray is committed to paying high tribute to Roy Orbison, keeping him alive in the memories of all those who had loved his music for decades, while introducing a new generation to Orbison’s magic and music. 

ROY ORBISON RETURNS is a fully-scripted musical theater re-creation of Roy Orbison’s ‘60s – ‘80s concert years, complete with lively stories, humor, costumes, dramatic lighting, and staging – all the while being faithful to Orbison’s set lists and musical arrangements.

Meet the band!

Wiley Ramey (Roy) - Lead Vocals

Dwight Harrington - Lead Guitar

Ron Labrie - Keyboards

Tommy Souza - Percussions

Steve Denes - Bass Guitar 

Mary Ann Oliver - Backup Vocals

All of the players in the Wiley Ray Big O Band project have been playing for most of their lives and the years of experience tops 100.  It's clean, it's tight, and really does bring a respect and well rounded fresh look at the music of Roy Orbison,  We hope to see you soon.

For more information check out their website: http://www.royorbisonreturns.com


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