Roy Orbison Returns!

Presented by Wiley Ray and the Big O Band!
Reserved seating, doors open at 6:30 pm.

Tickets: $25 - $49 (plus $3 Historic Preservation fee)

One Night, back in 2004, Country Western singer Wiley Ray was enticed into performing "Oh Pretty Woman" at a karaoke bar.  When he finished, he was treated to stunned silence and then thunderous applause.

This singular event blossomed into Wiley Ray and the Big O Band, a regionally-touring musical group paying tribute to one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time.  Wiley was already something of an expert on All Things Roy (go ahead, ask him something) and a fan from the earliest days so it was no stretch to go "Roy" all the way.


Meet the band!

Wiley Ramey (Roy) - Lead Vocals

Dwight Harrington - Lead Guitar

Ron Labrie - Keyboards

Tommy Souza - Percussions

Steve Denes - Bass Guitar 

Mary Ann Oliver - Backup Vocals

All of the players in the Wiley Ray Big O Band project have been playing for most of their lives and the years of experience tops 100.  It's clean, it's tight, and really does bring a respect and well rounded fresh look at the music of Roy Orbison,  We hope to see you soon.


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