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Mountainfilm on Tour-Bend

Presented by the Environmental Center
General Admission, doors open at 6PM.

Tickets: $22 in advance, $25 at the door (plus $3 Historic Preservation fee)

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I Am Salmon
Whit Hassett

Connecting humanity with salmon and the sea through the subtle art of poetry and Gyotaku (fish rubbing), Duncan Berry shares his experience as a longtime environmentalist and former captain of a salmon troller. In adopting the perspective of this transcendent fish, the beauty and power of the Oregon coast becomes the canvas through which the evolution of the salmon is illustrated. (USA, 2022, 3 min.)

Annapurna 78’
Jim Aikman

At a time when men dominated the sport, Arlene Blum and her troop of American women put up first ascents on some of the highest peaks in Iran, Afghanistan, Kashmir and the Himalaya. By selling T-shirts, the climbers earned the $80,000 needed for an expedition to Annapurna in 1978 — one of the world’s 14 8,000 meter peaks. The bid for the summit brings both inspiration and devastation, inevitably changing the course of Blum’s life. (USA, Nepal, 2022, 8 min.)

Wood Hood
Alexander Cullen

From the hood of Rockaway, Queens, 15-year-old Devon finds a safe place and brotherhood in the woods along the Appalachian Trail, thanks to the Camping to Connect mentorship program. For urban kids of color historically unable to access natural places, we witness the joy and growth that is possible when kids have an opportunity to find that “quiet place.” (USA, 2022, 16 min.)

James ‘Q’ Martin

Sheri showcases the beautiful story of how one woman and her family revolutionized the outdoor gear industry. –LH (USA, 2022 24, min.)

Flow (with Sam Favret)
Maxime Moulin

Skier Sam Favret embarks on an adventure of epic proportions, traversing the slopes of a closed ski resort on a majestic bluebird day. Moulin takes us on a cinematic aerial and symphonic journey as we are enveloped in powerful skiing and the complete unreality of such a serene landscape.

Palmer Morse

In an effort to make the outdoor and rock climbing industry more inclusive, deaf climber Sonya Wilson shares her testimony in overcoming barriers and gaining acceptance while hosting climbing retreats with both hearing and Deaf outdoor enthusiasts. Through the trials and traumas of her childhood, Wilson has become elevated — adopting the belief that being Deaf is a gift that does not make you less than. (USA, 2022, 15 min.)

The Trails Before Us
Fritz Bitsoie

Nigel James’s parents and grandmother are immensely proud that he brought mountain biking to their remote corner of the Navajo Nation. His grandmother, Lorraine Herder, is gratified to see old horse trails restored and repurposed. Mountain biking reminds his father Marvin of the sacred bond between the Diné people and horses. Whether they traverse the landscape on horseback or on bike, the journey connects the Diné to their land and traditional culture. (USA, 2021, 13 min.)

Max Lowe, Chris Murphy

From disparate backgrounds seemingly worlds apart, Malik Martin and Conrad Anker bridge whatever divide our society has erected between them through brotherhood and heartfelt connection. Martin says of their atypical commonalities, “Conrad lost all his homies in the mountains, and I’ve lost all my homies in the hood.” This film is a testament to the maxim that we can sometimes find the most meaning in the unlikeliest of friendships. (USA, 2022, 13 min.)

Bacon ‘N’ Laces
Director: Stephen Michael Simon

In Bacon ‘N’ Laces, a blind single father of three manages a classic diner outside of New York City. This father’s love for his children, his perseverance to defy the odds that come with his blindness and his appreciation for classic sneakers is a dose of joy. This short film is a playful portrait of a dad and his children who refuse to be limited by their struggles. (USA, 2021, 19 min.)

Powder Snow Hokkaido
Jake Cohn, Charlie Cohn,George Knowles

The essence of Hokkaido skiing is as pure and unique as each snowflake that falls on this Japanese Island. –LH (Japan, 2021, 3 min.)

Total show minutes: 137

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