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Central Oregon Youth Orchestra - Spring 2023 Concert

Local at the Tower!
Reserved seating doors open at 6:00 pm.

Tickets: $12 - $17 (plus $3 Historic Preservation Fee)

Revel in local music! This assembly of 35 music students of all ages from across the region is led by COCC music professor Travis Allen and conducted by Redmond Proficiency Academy’s Jonathon Moore.

This ​years Spring Concert includes classics from Vivaldi, and epics from some well know Pirate movies... you'll have to see the show to see what else is in store!

COYO Spring 2023 ~ ​The ​Instructors...

Leslie Knight (String Coach)

Amy Brunner (Youth Orchestra Conductor)

Jonathan Moore (Camerata Conductor)

~ Youth Orchestra Roster ~ Key: Concertmaster +  Principal *

1st Violins: Abigail Rice, Eleanor Marlowe, Iris Hansen, Wren Roberts

2nd Violins: Deven Cruickshank, Hadley Pointer, Kuinlan Hayes, Michael Briggs

Violas: Harmony Fidler, Macy McDonald

Cello: Blair Downs, Mackenzie Barany, Nikhil Konagurthu

Double Bass: Jaxon Rohwer, Zane Blackett

~ Camerata Roster ~

1st Violins: Cleo Souter, Elise Hoesly, Jayne Edwards, Jayna Mehta, Olivia Thom, Parker Carlson+*

2nd Violins: Alyssa Hardman, Caele Rohwer, Isabelle Farthing, Madeleine Bloom*, Riddley Barker, Zola St Germain, Vida Halpern

Violas: Clark Adams, Colette Lorge*, James Snyder, Madelyn Brown, Perrin Standen

Cello: Anna Marks, Ellie Safford, Elliot Tucker, Jonathan Cupit*, Magnus Bigalke, Samuel Weed

Bass: Micah King*, Shepherd Dailey

Flute: Grady Perkins 

Oboe: Isabella Conner 

Clarinet: Cornelius Conner

Trumpet: Logan Anderson, Ryder Williams

Trombone: Adelyn Tucker

Tuba: Jonas Marijosius, Alex Perret​


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