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Body Vox - Pearl Drive Project

Episode Two - Poison Waters Virtual Program

Tickets:  Virtual Tickets $15 - $55

Individual episode available for 24 hours or rent all episodes for  3 months access.


5 Episodes, 5 Collaborators, 8 Dancers, Unlimited Creativity

Get ready for Episode 2 of the Pearl Dive Project featuring Poison Waters, drag queen, personality and experience! Tune in on May 6th for Poison Waters' episode "Too."

Each episode is an in-depth look at the creative journey of one of our invited collaborators from concept to finished dance. Filmed at 4k resolution, each dance is a cinematic experience!

“Working on the Pearl Dive Project and the amazing dancers at BodyVox was all at the same time scary, challenging, fascinating and inspiring! What a gift to have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m super excited to share the piece with the world!” - Poison Waters

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