An Evening of Empowerment

Four performers share their amazing stories and will leave you inspired and charged up to lead a more meaningful and passionate life.


Why Come to this Event?!?!

•You will become inspired and charged up to lead an even more meaningful and passionate life.
•You give to your community: ticket sale proceeds are passed through Kids in the Game, a vital local non-profit organization that enables Central Oregon youth to participate in community sports programs and more!
•You spend an evening in the company of accomplished and giving artists, speakers, and community leaders, such as:


Brianna Mercado

A Bend favorite, Brianna is a humanitarian and professional dancer who has selflessly given more to others into her 20+ years than most do in a lifetime, all as a teenage cancer survivor. Her Bend TED talk is still the talk of the town.

Naomi Wachira

Recently voted Seattle’s hottest new musical act, Naomi is living proof that dreams do come true. A native of Kenya, her magical music tells stories of love, acceptance, and living fully by following your heart and focusing on what matters.

David Shoup


As a morale consultant for war zone troops and a motivational speaker who lights up every room he enters, David’s humor, insights about achievement, and understanding what makes us tick makes him an international crowd favorite.

Mosley Wotta


Positive, life-giving and spirit-growing hip hop and spoken word performances are the essence of homegrown talent Mosley Wotta. Pulsing beats, powerful lyrics, and an engaging style all add up to MoWo being loved by fans all over.
Doors open at 6; show starts at 7; Tickets $25 per adult; $15 per youth (under 16).


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