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Our Board of Directors

The Tower Theatre is operated by the Tower Theatre Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


The Tower Theatre Foundation mission is to to be Central Oregon's leading performing arts organization, providing cultural and educational programs that make essential contributions to the region's lifestyle and strength of community.  The Foundation is managed by the Board of Directors, who are members of the community dedicated to the Tower Theatre Foundation's mission. These current volunteers and their predecessors have been responsible for the restoration and ongoing vitality of the Tower Theatre. We thank them for their efforts, energy, resources and support.

Tower Theatre Board of Directors

Alison Hamm: Since October of 2011 she has written grants, planned and executed the last Tour du Chocolat, helped with the Bend Follies and helped organize LessonPLAN that funds crucial art programs for Central Oregon students. Also, you should see her lasso skills because she is tasked with corralling the amazing, energetic and creative Tower board.

Doug Watson: Has served on the Board for 4 years, and we appreciate all of his tech knowledge and his dual personalities - Einstein and Smiley. We hope you stick around for your chance to see Paul Simon shine on the Tower Stage!

Ann Rhoads

Michelle Andre: Grew up in Bend and experienced her first date at the Tower watching Terminator 2! An avid Opera fan, she shares her love for Bend, performing arts, and her extensive marketing background to help grow the Tower Theatre Foundation!

Mark Beach

Ed Irish

Steve MacKelvie: A rockin' vinyl junkie who brings his expertise in advertising, marketing, and sponsorship sales to the Tower Board.

Lora Nordquist

Ray Solley

Cathy Tai

Ellen Wolff


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