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The Marquee Series

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The Notables Swing Band brings back the “golden oldies” from the Big Band era when swing ruled the dance floors. Many of our band members remember those full sounds and infectious rhythms and in 2010 our band was formed to recreate this great music. Swing has been enjoying a resurgence and we are excited to be part of that in Central Oregon. We play to renew the memories of that music for those who used to dance to swing and, importantly, we play to draw in completely new generations. And we want those who come to our events to have as much fun as we do playing for them!

The Notables Swing Band recently brought Betty Berger out of retirement to sing with the band. Betty led her own band for over 15 years, playing twice monthly at the River House here in Bend. Before that she had a 40 year career singing with bands in Southern California. Her vocals, backed by the 17 piece Notables Swing Band, really do take you back to the days when big bands with singers such as Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Helen Forrest and Ella Fitzgerald ruled the airwaves. We are sure you will appreciate what a great addition Betty Berger is to the band.

We all love playing the classic swing music popularized by musicians such as Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. In that tradition, we have 17 members in order to make that characteristic full sound of a big band by offering the standard instrumentation of the early bands.

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