Upper Deschutes: The Forgotten Miles

Water for Fish, Farms and Families

Please join us Monday, May 2nd for a community conversation about the current state of the Upper Deschutes River.

Local independent filmmaker Scott Nelson will show his film Rivière des Chutes followed by a moderated audience-driven dialogue with a local panel of river experts.

This program is brought to you by: Scott Nelson Productions, Deschutes River Conservancy, Deschutes Land Trust, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, Deschutes Basin Board of Control, Coalition for the Deschutes, Oregon Water Resources Department, Trout Unlimited and the US Forest Service.

The event is free but you need to register to get a ticket. 

For more information: 541.382.4077 ext.23.

Moderator: Ryan Houston, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council

Craig Horrell: Deschutes Basin Board of Control
Tod Heisler: Deschutes River Conservancy
Gail Snyder: Coalition for the Deschutes
Jason Gritzner: US Forest Service
Kyle Gorman: Oregon Water Resources Department

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