Titanic The Musical

Local At The Tower

Tickets:  Balcony $37 or Main Floor $52 (plus historic preservation fee)

Northwest Premiere

This unique ensemble version of the Tony award-winning Best Musical tells intimate and poignant stories based on the real men and women aboard the massive steamer. Spanning all classes, “Titanic the Musical” captures the range of humanity on the legendary “floating city”: coal-shoveling workers in the boiler room to first-class butlers and attendants; from migrants scraping together life savings for third-class tickets to the American Dream to the wealthiest men of the Victorian age taking a luxury getaway with wives, and mistresses. With compassionate lyrics and soaring melodies, the iconic story resonates with today’s issues of immigration, social inequity and sudden loss.

Staged by Bend’s Thoroughly Modern Productions, directed by David DaCosta with musical direction by Scott Michaelsen, the Central Oregon cast features:

E. J. Smith, Captain - TREY HINKLE
J. Bruce Ismay, Owner - RICHARD CHOATE
Thomas Andrews, Designer and Builder - DAVID DACOSTA
Barrett, Stoker / Guggenheim, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger - ERIK MCGINNIS
Bride, Telegrapher / John Thayer, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger / Band Leader Wallace Hartley - JUSTIN TILTON
Fleet, Lookout / George Widener, 1st Class Passenger / Stoker / 3rd Class Passenger - HARLAN DANIELS
Charles Clarke, Steward / 2nd Class Passenger / 1st Class Passenger - RYAN KLONTZ
Edgar Beane / Officer Boxhall / 2nd Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger - DAVID LiaBRAATEN
Isidor Strauss, 1st Class Passenger / Officer Hitchens / 3rd Class Passenger - JIM TENNANT
Jim Farrell, 3rd Class Passenger /  Steward / Mr. Bell / 1st Class Passenger -CHRISTOPHER WILEY
Henry Etches, Senior 1st Class Steward / Officer Pitman - JOSHUA HARRISON
First Officer Murdoch, Bass Player - DAN SCHIMMOLLER
Officer Lightoller, J. J. Astor, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger - CHARLIE THIEL
Bellboy / Waiter (1st and 3rd Class) / Stoker - CHRISTOPHER ROMERO
Alice Beane, 2nd Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger - LINDSAY BURDEN
Caroline Neville, 2nd Class Passenger / Stewardess / Mme. Aubert - KARA KLONTZ
Kate McGowan, 3rd Class Passenger / Stewardess / Charlotte Drake Cardoza, 1st Class Passenger - AUDREY PENINGTON
Kate Murphey, 3rd Class Passenger / Stewardess / Mrs. Widener, 1st Class Passenger  - EMMA HEHN
Kate Mullins, Stewardess / Madeleine Astor, 1st Class Passenger - KATRINA WIRTZ
Ida Strauss, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger - MOLLIE TENNANT

Sponsored by

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Additional funding from:

Oregon Cultural Trust 
Oregon Arts Commission
Oregon Community Foundation
Fred W. Fields Fund

NOTE * “Titanic the Musical” has one 20-minute intermission. If you visit the restroom or concession stand, please wear a face covering and observe our six-feet distancing signs. We’ve reduced occupancy in both second-floor restrooms and the lobby to help increase your comfort and safety. Faucets, toilets, and beverage payment systems are contactless. Please see the House Manager if you need special assistance or have any questions or concerns.

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