This Way of Life

Set against the mountains and beaches in a remote part of New Zealand, "This Way of Life" is an intimate portrait of a Maori family and their relationship with each other, nature and horses.

Tickets are $12.

2011 BendFilm Best of Show and Best Documentary film.

Peter and Colleen Karena have six children, fifty horses and the land is their lifeblood. Masterful in the saddle and Hollywood handsome, Peter lives by an internal code of values and honor largely lost in modern times. Though European, Peter was adopted into a Maori family and is Maori in all but skin. He is a horse-whisperer, philosopher, hunter, and builder, a husband and father. Despite seemingly overwhelming challenges, Peter refuses to compromise. Especially troubling to Peter is his broken relationship with his adopted father – a malevolent man who refuses to leave him alone

Shot over four years, "This Way of Life" is a blueprint for how to live with little. It is a modern parable of one family's unconventional and positive response to the questions that confront many families in these anxious times.

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