The Big Lebowski

Help "tie the room together". Prizes for best costumes.

Jeff Bridges starts as Lebowski, a slacker mistaken for a millionaire also named Lebowski. He then seeks restitution for his ruined rug by enlisting his bowling buddies (John Goodman, John Turturro and Steve Buscemi). Attendees can help “tie the room together” by drinking White Russians and dressing like The Dude, Walter, Donny, The Stranger, Maude or German nihilists. Radio station 92.9 will award prizes for best costumes, and sell one-of-a-kind bowling pins with scenes from “The Big Lebowski” hand-drawn by Bridges during his visit to the Tower in November.

Rated R
Running time 117minutes
All seats reserved


Sponsored by  Worthy Brewing logo color 400x.jpg


In Collaboration with   BendFilm 200.jpg


Screening sponsor:  92.9 FM

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