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Central Oregon Stars in Film Fest at Tower! General Admission, doors open at 6:30 pm 1997; rated R; 177 minutes

Admission is FREE, but with a twist – You can pay what you decide AFTER the film.

Movie description ~

In a post-apocalyptic 2013 America, a mysterious drifter (Kevin Costner) happens upon a postman's uniform and an undelivered bag of mail. He poses as a mail carrier and representative of a restored U.S. government, handing out the old letters to nearby townsfolk and tricking them into feeding him. He soon becomes a symbol of hope to survivors who remember the world that was and decides he must give his followers the courage to revolt.


Major movies shot regionally introduced by local historian and reviewer.

Ever found the locales in a movie more impressive than the plot or the settings more alluring than the actors? Well, that happens regularly in films shot in picturesque Central Oregon! The Tower Theatre Foundation joins the Deschutes Historical Museum to present a different kind of film festival this July. Titled “Made in Central Oregon,” the Tower screens three examples of our region’s claim to cinematic fame.

“There have been nearly 40 films since 1919 shot in and around our forests, mountains and rivers,” explains Kelly Cannon-Miller, executive director of the Museum. “The area became a popular Hollywood destination starting in the 1950’s because of its eye-catching surroundings and naturally stunning vistas. Sometimes, our landscape turns out to be the best part of the movie!”

Kelly Cannon-Miller will share local anecdotes and historical accounts of when each movie was on-location in the region. Co-host Source Weekly movie reviewer Jared Rasic will set the films in their point in time and proper artistic context. Together, Kelly and Jared will guide viewers through the photographic countryside of Central Oregon and, hopefully, have you appreciating the background scenery just as much as the foreground action.



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