The Bend Venture Conference

The Bend Venture Conference, hosted by EDCO, is the largest Angel Conference in the Pacific Northwest.

Over 400 attendees, 50 prominent investors, and 65 companies joined us for a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. Record investment, awards, and prizes of over $1 million opened the opportunity for multiple winners at the 2014 conference!

At the BVC, there are two categories of competition, Early Stage and Growth Stage, with five finalists (companies) selected in each category.  In 2015 we’ll target an investment amount greater than $350,000 for the Growth Stage winner.  The Early Stage winner could receive a $15,000 cash prize.

The Bend Venture Fund, LLC is a private investment vehicle established annually to help finance the most promising business startups emerging from the event each year. Participation in the fund is by invitation only and limited to accredited investors. In 2014, the fund raised over $350k and allocated $250k to Amplion and $100k to PoachedJobs (with more than $600k in additional funds committed to finalists from other institutional and private sources). It is anticipated that the fund should exceed historical investment levels in 2015, with all prospective transactions subject to due diligence.

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