Thank You for Your Service

A Film Presented by Northwestern Home Loans

Tickets:  General Admission $10

The U.S. military faces a mental health crisis of historic proportions.  Thank You for Your Service takes aim at our superficial understanding of war trauma and the failed policies that result.  Director Tom Donahue interweaves the stories of four struggling Iraq War veterans with candid interviews of top military and civilian leaders.  Observing the systemic neglect, the film argues for significant internal change and offers a roadmap of hope.

Presented by Northwestern Home Loans, Thank You for Your Service  ticket proceeds go directly to Save A Warrior™.   Save A Warrior™ is an innovative and effective “war detox” program which supports the healing from Post Traumatic Stress and specializes in serving Active Duty Military, Veterans and First Responders experiencing psychological trauma.   The formula for healing is entirely based on lifestyle changes that immerse graduates in new and healthier ways of being.  The approach relies heavily on proven methods and scholarly research; and the results of our efforts serve as further evidence as to their effectiveness. Save A Warrior™  has innovated a method of healing which combines and synthesizes practices from across the spectrum of studies focusing on human well-being, and the results are beyond compelling.  Save A Warrior™ is not only a solution to saving a life, it is also a vehicle for Warriors seeking a life of full self-expression.  For more information about the program:  http://www.saveawarrior.org/#what-is-saw


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