This show has been cancelled, please contact the Tower Box Office for details or refunds. 541-317-0700

What is SHUFFLE Concert?

SHUFFLE Concert changes the rules of performance as you know it. In this musical celebration the AUDIENCE chooses what pieces will be performed! From Baroque, Classical and Romantic to Jazz, Pop and Broadway, SHUFFLE Concert performances offer an exciting fusion of great music, for every musical taste. Neither the audience members nor the performers themselves know which works will be requested each night and therefore the musicians maintain a rich and extensive menu of over 40 musical works derived from 14 different styles. The result – a unique performance each time.

How SHUFFLE Works:

When you come to a SHUFFLE Concert, you receive an individually numbered menu filled with musical masterpieces in every possible musical style; from Baroque, Classical and Romantic to Jazz, Pop and Broadway. If your number is selected, you get to choose what style and piece will be performed next!

Every concert is a completely new experience, both for the audience and the SHUFFLE Concert performers.

The Rules:

  1. If your number is randomly chosen, please select one piece from any of the different styles.
  2. If you can’t make up your mind – we will be happy to help you!
  3. Styles may not be repeated during a performance. 

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