Shaolin Warriors

From the monks of an ancient temple in China...renowned for their discipline, strength and courage...comes a story of compassion, survival and triumph.

Tickets: Reserved Seating $35, $43, and $50

Taking audiences on a journey through the mystical history of this ancient martial art and demonstrating beautiful Tai Chi & Qi Gong with mesmerising Kung Fu movement, Shaolin is an authentic and awe-inspiring show.

The Shaolin Warriors are known throughout the world for their martial-arts prowess. Beginning at a very early age they are trained in mental and physical disciplines that allow them to perform stunning, spectacular – some might even consider unbelievable – feats of athleticism. But you can see them with your own eyes. This wonderfully choreographed theatrical production features many forms of Kung Fu. Performed by disciples of the Shaolin schools, the performance provides a glimpse of life as a warrior and shares facets of Zen philosophy.

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