Shangri La Acrobats

CenterStage Series - THE SHANGRI-LA CHINESE ACROBATS® have taken the world by storm and continue to do so on their No. American Tour - SOLD OUT

Tickets: Reserved Seating
$30 and $35 All Ages
No refunds on ticket purchases

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Educational outreach made possible in part by

Bank of the Cascades 

Produced by IAI Presentations, Inc., THE SHANGRI-LA CHINESE ACROBATS® offers more than a glimpse into the fascinating traditions of the Orient. It consists of sensational Chinese acrobatics, balancing feats, martial arts displays, and much more. A truly Oriental spectacular and a show for all ages, the grace and precision of the acrobats are the triumph of years of dedicated training and discipline. Chinese acrobatics are, in fact, more than just a series of stunts. Most of these acts clearly demonstrate the achievement of perfection through finding harmony between mind and body - an ancient concept in the Orient. The art has been formed by centuries of tradition.

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