Pure Prarie League

Best known for the mega-hit “Amie” and their Norman Rockwell record covers, the band scored radio fame with “Two Lane Highway,” “Let Me Love You Tonight” and “That’ll Be the Day.”

PPL in the new millenium may be a curious prospect to band members, but the bands longevity is a testament of the timelessness of the music. As they write for a new project, they've returned to their roots--no sax, but peddle steel--and it's no surprise that after all these years their sound is what Country Radio is about, proving good music is good music no matter when it's made or played--and you can go home again.

Their distinctive country rock sound continues to prompt memories and good time partyin’. More @ http://pureprairieleague.com.


Mountain 99.7.jpg 
The Mountain welcomes Pure Prairie League to the Tower.

Reserved Seating:  $50 VIP section to include private Meet and Greet and special rates on PPL merchandise, $40, $35

Wear your Pole, Pedal, Paddle race number and get DRINK DISCOUNTS!

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