Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett of Little Feat

Guitar virtuosos and longtime leaders of the jam-band Little Feat, Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett offer a rare, acoustic opportunity to savor the country rock songs they made legendary.



Guitar virtuosos and longtime leaders of the jam-band Little Feat offer a rare opportunity to savor the country rock songs they made legendary. It features a wide variety of hits, from “Willin’” and “Hate to Lose Your Lovin’” to “Let it Roll” and “Texas Twister.”

“People turn up at our shows wondering how we can interpret these songs with just two guitars and a mandolin,” says Barrère. “I try to explain to them that the songs are the stars of the show, as opposed to the band, which is such a force. I think people really appreciate that. And we have a great time doing it!”

Barrère, guitarist and lead vocalist for Little Feat, joined the band’s third album Dixie Chicken in 1972, and has been with the group ever since. Tackett plays guitar, trumpet, and mandolin for Little Feat. He worked as a side man on many Little Feat albums before becoming a full member of the band for Let It Roll in 1988.

Special dinner deals the night of the show are available at 10 Below restaurant in the Oxford Hotel.

Now they have joined forces to form an acoustic duet that will quite frankly blow you away. Performing songs from their Little Feat cataloug and more with a decidedly different twist. They first played together on the album “Dixie Chicken” some twenty-five years ago and since then have played together or individually on numerous recording sessions for Little Feat and countless others including Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Dionne Farris, and the Wallflowers to name a few.

Paul Barrere has been a member of Little Feat since 1972, joining the band just after the release of “Sailing Shoes”. He was hired on as he rhythm guitarist to back up Lowell George’s cutting slide. His formal education was just beginning.  Leaving his own band “The Led Enema” behind he earned degrees in scatology and phunk-logistics while studying with Mrs George, Payne, Hayward, Radney and Clayton learning as a road’s scholar. He has developed into a fine lead singer and songwriter as well as the band’s slide guitarist over his many years with Little Feat adding his own brand of entendre Be-Bop. Born July 3, 1948 and raised in Hollywood, CA, both his parents were actors and his introduction and intoxication with show business came to him quite naturally. Fred Tackett became a member of Little Feat in 1987 just before the making of “Let it Roll” but in a sense has been a member for a whole lot longer. He has been writing songs for and playing on recordings with Little Feat since 1972. The leading studio guitarists in Los Angeles since moving there in 1967 to join up with
old friend Jimmy Webb. Fred’s credits are really too numerous to list. Along with his many sessions, he found time to travel with Bob Dylan for 3 years, Bob Seger for 1 or of duty, and Boz Skaggs just as “Silk Degrees” was making discos almost tolerable. Born August 4, 1945 in Little Rock, AK, Fred says everyone in his family played the trumpet “cept Mom.” He brings multi-faceted talents of guitar, mandolin and trumpet to the table with Mr. Barrere’s guitar and voice in a much more intimate rendering of songs and stories from a well traveled road.

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