See what happens when musicians come together like never before.

Musicians of all types are gearing up to showcase their abilities and win prizes while raising money for the local arts community. Musical artists interested in details on how to get involved or sign up to perform can go online to make-a-band.com. Musicians will be asked to perform at one of six spotlight events being held at Silver Moon Brewery starting in October. During these events producers will pick musicians to come together to form bands. These bands will highlight a wide variety of genres of all ages. The bands will then perform at the Make-A-Band Showcase on Saturday, November 21st at The Tower Theatre.

“Make-A-Band was created to evoke collaborative efforts and award musicians for their individual talents. In the end, it doesn’t matter if the band stays together, it’s the journey along the way that becomes the prize,” states Jennifer Meyer of Breaking Free Media.

Over $20,000 in prizes, including studio time, gear, goods and more will be awarded to musicians who participate in Make-A-Band. Proceeds from Make-A-Band will benefit local non-profit’s including The Tower Theatre Foundation. The Tower Theatre Foundation’s mission is to be Central Oregon's leading performing arts organization, providing cultural and educational programs that make essential contributions to the region's lifestyle and strength of community. 

2015 Central Oregon’s Make-A-Band Series Schedule

September 1st-Musician Outreach/Sign-up at make-a-band.com

October 6,8,13,15,20,22 at Silver Moon Brewery 6pm
All ages -$5.00 at the door
24 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97701

November 21st-Showcase Event at Tower Theatre 6pm
All ages- $22.00 in advance tickets 

For more information, check out make-a-band.com.

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