Maiden Bend Music Fest

Peak Artist Alliance presents a uniquely entertaining and diverse showcase of the finest female singer-songwriters in Central Oregon. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Saving Grace.


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November 11th, 2011  7:00pm - 9:30pm

Central Oregon is home to many of the Pacific Northwest’s finest female singer-songwriter, musicians. And now, on a crisp Fall evening, at the venerable Tower Theater, local music lovers will have an opportunity to hear and support the noteworthy efforts of their “prodigal musical daughters.” Those attending will hear a diverse flow of music from a wide variety of genres with a special dance segment presented by Gotta Dance. Master of Ceremonies for the event is Dori Donoho, of Clear 101.7 FM.

When Abigail Nyman shoulders her signature double-capoed guitar and belts out compositions crossing pop-country boundaries, one realizes that her messages and style are stratospheres beyond her remarkable seventeen years. Anastacia Beth Scott stirs the air with dynamic layers of reflection. She is part rocker and part Americana interpreter of stories oh-so poetically told. Caitlin Cardier pairs an intensely expressive voice with driving beats that are a crème-dele-cream blend of R & B and hip-hop. CC has an edge. Try to sit still. Erin Cole-Baker paints highly-personal landscapes, in her sublimely sweet, indy-folk style. Many of her songs trace her sojourn from New Zealand to Central Oregon, exploring slivers of longing for each. With a grace and style all her own, Janelle Johnson’s soulful voice is silk unwrapped. Her lyrics touch on universally felt emotions and they can squeeze tears from your eyes in one stanza and then cause your heart to soar in the next. Accomplished songwriter Lisa C Pollock brings old-school country back to our neck of the woods. Her song creations are like chapters pulled from a deeply-felt life that contrasts heartbreak and hope. In her easy-to-listen-to songbird style, she encourages us to leave the past in the rearview mirror and embrace the journey. 

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