Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

A charming adaptation of Kevin Henke's award-winning children's book.

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All Seats General Admission - $13 Children12 and under, $23  Adults

Recommended forages 4-8

Running time approximately 60 minutes

This delightful adaptation of Kevin Henkes’ award-winning children’s book is recommended for age 4 to 8, and runs approximately one hour. Lily loves everything about school, especially her cool teacher, Mr. Slinger. But when he confiscates her prized possession, a purple plastic purse that plays music, joy turns to misery. Then a note changes her attitude: “Today was a difficult  day. Tomorrow will be better.” But villainous bicycle-riding bullies, a spotlight-stealing baby brother, and the dreaded “uncooperative chair” test our heroine’s resolve.

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