Life in Focus

Caldera School will be showcasing student films to the general public during their year-end celebration for students and families called Life In Focus.

Each year, students from across the Cascades come together to share in the wonders of nature and express themselves through Art. For 16 years, Caldera has provided Art and Environmental programming for under-served students between the ages of 12 and 18 to help them connect to nature, to each other and to themselves.

Students get the opportunity to work with professional artists in the fields of photography, filmmaking, painting, music production, drumming and more. Last summer, and during the past school year, students incorporated film into every art form they studied. In a fiber arts class, students made costumes and then created a short film to show them off. In photography, students wrote poetry and recorded it to accompany images.

For the first time, Caldera will be showcasing this work to the general public during their year-end celebration for students and families called Life In Focus. 

“It might seem strange to bring kids into this beautiful landscape in order to make movies,” says Teafly Peterson, Caldera’s Arts Integration Coordinator, “But really, it ends up providing them the opportunity to use technology in a new way, regard it with a deeper sense of artistry and connect more deeply to the world around them.”

One student from Redmond, Shania, a junior at Redmond High, speaks to why she makes films in her Artist Statement. “I make Art to become someone different and be someone new.”

Films include introspective looks at the self, nature and school life. Students were able to learn the various ins and outs of the filmmaking process; including writing, acting, editing and scoring.

Students from our Central Oregon program will speak about their experience and share stories about their learning process and their involvement in the program.

This event is free and open to the public.  Visit calderaarts.org to RSVP.

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