Lee Ann Womack

In a world of faster, harder, louder, Lee Ann Womack wants something far more radical: to be real. Strip it all away, get to the core of life, love and raw emotion – and you find songs that distill it all to the stopping power of a hollow point bullet.

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It just seems like music when it is most powerful hits you right between the eyes,” says the Grammy-winning vocalist who has been singled out for “the clarity of a soul that realizes loss is a form of purification, a scraping away of false ideals and excess emotional baggage” by TIME Magazine. “Some of these songs are hard truths, tough moments, places you’d rather not be, but you know, life takes you to those places sometimes.”

Certainly The Way I’m Livin’, produced by Frank Liddell, is an unvarnished collection of songs by some of America’s most progressive songwriter/artists. Whether the vintage country of Hayes Carll’s “Chances Are,” the scalding gospel of Mindy Smith’s “All the Saints” or the tortured linger of love in Buddy Miller’s “Don’t Listen To The Wind,” the emotions are unbridled, the performances wide open and the recordings intimate.

“We wanted to capture the moment,” continues the Jacksonville, Texas native. “Both the moment in the song and the moment when the musicians catch fire. There’s a magic when the players find each other, find the heart of the song – and that spark is the greatest moment of all.”

Recorded almost completely live, with Womack on the floor with drummer Matt Chamberlin, guitarist Duke Levine, bass player Glenn Whorf and acoustic guitarist/occasional pianist Mac McAnally, the musicians leaned to her luminous, honey’n’sunshine voice. As Liddell says of the process, “The musicians wanted to support the way she formed the song. They were very much about her interpretations, the way she felt and saw the songs. Her voice served as the instrument they sculpted their playing to.”  Read More


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