Great Big Sea


Tickets: Reserved Seating $40, $31, $26

All ages, $2 increase on all tickets Day of Show.


Great Big Sea is a bastard. Forged from the loins of Figgy Duff and Ryan’s Fancy, GBS found its feet on the unforgiving streets of St. John’s, and stood their ground when others faltered. When asked about their unlikely success, founding member Bob Hallett is typically candid: “We weren’t the best musicians in town,” he says, “we just
wanted it more. We were driven by a bloody-minded need to succeed and
we were rewarded for our bleeding.”

A remarkable 15 years in, the band should by this time be content to slow down and rest on their laurels. Instead, Fortune’s Favour sees them boldly embracing new sounds and new ideas, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of their own art and music. In their lifelong quest to marry the traditional music of Newfoundland with their own pop explorations, Fortune’s Favour is a new benchmark.

“We embraced the law of the road when we started this, and we apply the same rules to our music,” explains Doyle. “If you are not going forwards, you are going backwards. And we hate retracing our steps.”

Great Big Sea

Ordinary Day - Play - 4:40
Sea Of No Cares - Great Big CD - 4:15

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