Gesme Family & Titanic The Musical Preview

Tickets:  GA $17 plus $3 historic preservation fee

“The Von Gesme Family”
While every member of the Gesme family, Janet, Michael, Zeta and Alex, participates in various musical activities, it is rare that they play together as a quartet. “While the pandemic has been generally devastating to the performing arts in public, it has given us reason to make music with each other in our home,” comments Michael, “which has been a meaningful blessing all around.”  The Gesme’s are happy to share a little bit of their familial musical shenanigans on August 28 and 29, 2020 at the Tower Theatre, including pieces that feature various combinations of oboe, viola, cello and piano.


TMP presents "Titanic The Musical" a preview night

"Titanic The Musical"  - The sinking of the Titanic in the early hours of April 15, 1912, remains the quintessential disaster of the twentieth century. A total of 1,517 souls—men, women and children—lost their lives. The fact that the finest, largest, strongest ship in the world—called, in fact, the "unsinkable" ship—should have been lost during its maiden voyage is so incredible that, had it not actually happened, no author would have dared to contrive it.

But the catastrophe had social ramifications that went far beyond that night's events. For the first time since the beginning of the industrial revolution early in the 19th Century, bigger, faster and stronger did not prove automatically to be better. Suddenly the very essence of "progress" had to be questioned; might the advancement of technology not always be progress?

Nor was this the only question arising from the disaster. The accommodations of the ship, divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd Classes, mirrored almost exactly the class structure (upper, middle and lower) of the English-speaking world. But when the wide discrepancy between the number of survivors from each of the ship's classes was revealed—all but two of the women in 1st Class were saved while 155 women and children from 2nd and 3rd (mostly 3rd) drowned—there was a new, long-overdue scrutiny of the prevailing social system and its values.

The musical play Titanic examines the causes, the conditions and the characters involved in this ever-fascinating drama. This is the factual story of that ship—of her officers, crew and passengers, to be sure—but she will not, as has happened so many times before, serve as merely the background against which fictional, melodramatic narratives are recounted. The central character of our Titanic is the Titanic herself.

Through an ingenious doubling scheme, Titanic - Ensemble Version requires a cast of just 20, and an orchestra of six, to tell the gripping story of the ocean liner’s maiden voyage and tragic demise.

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