Full Draw Film Tour

It’s our third year of bringing this tour to the Northwest. For the young and old—it’s bowhunting and adventure on “the Big Screen.” Come with us as we take this bowhunting cinema experience to the next level.

Hello & Welcome to Full Draw Film Tour! 

Our primary goal is to unite bowhunters, fuel the outdoorsman and create excitement for all those passionate about Archery. This is a great opportunity to get involved in something really COOL!

Our FDFT Objective… We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to archery and the pursuit of compassion for those in need. Join us as we support hunting related charities through the archery community by using the talents of independent bowhunting filmmakers and your sponsorship. By involving independent filmmakers, we can capture the true essence of bowhunting in the Northwest and provide a show that relates to the sportsman. There is no other hunting event like this!

On this website, you’ll find information regarding Full Draw Film Tour 2012. FDFT wants to partner up with you to elevate archery, the outdoors, and MOST importantly ##support Hunt Of A Lifetime. This will be our second year of providing support and encouragement for challenged kids with unfortunate health circumstances. Help us with our continued support... It is our desire that all kids have a chance to pursue a hunting experience and adventure—Hunt Of A Lifetime makes that possible.

Also, you’ll find sponsorship opportunities, and a closer look at who is involved in the FDFT organization. We would like to thank you for your time in considering this partnership opportunity. The Full Draw Film Tour is an exhilarating bowhunting experience. It’s REAL!

See you at the Tour!

Full Draw Film Tour — A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to Archery and the Pursuit of Compassion for those in need.

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