Flamenco en las Americas

"Flamenco en Las Americas", a night of flamenco in America, is the latest production of Seattle-native, dancer Savannah Fuentes.


Flamenco is an artistic expression fusing song (cante), dance (baile) and musicianship (toque). Andalusia in southern Spain is the heartland of Flamenco, but in The Americas Flamenco is alive as well, and it is gaining popularity worldwide at rapid pace. UNESCO has recently declared the genre of music and dance an art form that the world should treasure. Savannah Fuentes has assembled a "cuadro" (flamenco band) of some of America's most accomplished flamenco artists. Cante Flamenco is the most vital component of the presentation, and it's the powerful force that inspires the members of the cuadro. Vicente Griego, "El Cartucho", the only American-born cantaor (male flamenco singer) in existence, has shared his unique gift with communities in forty-nine states. He will be accompanied by guitarist Gerardo Alcala who has spent years in Jerez de La Frontera cultivating his artistry with the famed gypsy "Agujetas" family. Enrique Chavez, "El Peru", is classically trained in Latin percussion and is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. He has immersed himself in flamenco and is now working with some of the most prominent American Flamenco companies.

Flamenco took form during a time of persecution in Spain, and many of the themes are of suffering and loss. It is an internal journey that expresses the full spectrum of human emotion. Don't miss this chance to experience Flamenco.

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