Family Matters: Raising Healthy Children in Challenging Times

Cascades Academy Education Series Presents Rob Evans

There is no harder job than being a parent. Nothing else touches so much of a person so deeply—or so unpredictably—and there is no training for it. As the pace of life accelerates, as media influences intensify, and as the future grows less predictable, parents and teachers find it harder to be confident—harder to know how to raise competent, caring children, how to resist negative influences in the surrounding culture, how to help foster strength and resilience. Rob Evans will outline these dilemmas and offer concrete suggestions for successful coping at home and school.
Dr. Evans is a clinical and organizational psychologist and the Executive Director of The Human Relations Service, in Wellesley, Mass. A former high school and pre-school teacher and a former child and family therapist, he has worked with families for thirty-five years and has consulted at over 1,600 schools. His presentations are known for their lively wit and plain talk. He is the author of many articles and three books, including: Family Matters: How Schools Can Cope with The Crisis in Childrearing.

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