Delgani String Quartet - Body of Sound - Cancelled

A collaboration with DanceAbility International

This event has been cancelled.  Ticket holders please watch your email for clarification on refunds.  
We hope you recognize the profound impact COVID19 had on the staff, crew and operations of the nonprofit Tower Theatre Foundation. Rather than a refund, please consider one of these ways to help sustain the performing arts during this difficult time:
  • Donate the price of your unused tickets as a tax-deductible gift to the Tower
  • Apply the ticket amount as credit to your account or exchange for a future program
  • Purchase a Tower membership
  • Text Tower80 to 44321 with a special donation 

Tickets:  General Admission $5 (includes fees) 

Body of Sound
A collaboration with DanceAbility International

This season, Delgani will be embarking on an exciting, new collaboration with DanceAbility International, the world’s leading organization for mixed-ability dance. Body of Sound combines contemporary and standard string quartet repertoire with choreography in a touring production designed to alter audience perceptions of people with disabilities.

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