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Mainstream America knows Bruce Hornsby from 8 or 9 hit songs from 1986-90, but in truth the story goes far deeper; His career since has been one of constantly expanding his musical boundaries, developing and improving his talents on every musical level, and compiling a singularly impressive list of collaborations, credits, and disparate musical ventures. This reality is forcefully presented on the upcoming 2 CD live concert release, "Here Come The Noisemakers".

``It's the truest representation of what we do,'' Bruce Hornsby says of his new live album, ``Here Come the Noise Makers.'' ``All I can say about it is that if somebody asks me, `Hey, I don't know what you sound like. This is the one I would give them.''

Put on ``Here Come the Noise Makers'' and you'll recognize that Hornsby's pride in the project is completely justified. Spanning a year's worth of concerts from late 1998 to late 1999 -- including the Woodstock festival and episodes of PBS's ``Austin City Limits'' and BET's ``Jazz Central'' -- the two-CD set draws from the whole of Hornsby's 15-year recording career but delivers its 18 songs with the continuously evolving artistry that the singer, pianist, songwriter, producer, bandleader and A-list guest musician has made his stock in trade.

``I just wanted to show all of what we do,'' Hornsby explains. ``I wanted to try to create a document that shows all the different sides of the band, from the really quiet, stately songs like `Mandolin Rain' and `Black Muddy River' and `Fortunate Son' to the wide-open, jam things like `King of the Hill' or `Spider Fingers.'

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