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Body Vox - Pearl Drive Project

Episode One - Lois Greenfield
Virtual Program

Tickets:  Virtual Tickets $15 - $55

Individual episode available for 24 hours or rent all episodes for  3 months access.  

5 Episodes, 5 Collaborators, 8 Dancers, Unlimited Creativity

Join BodyVox for our 2021 version of Pearl Dive Project! Completely reimagined and entirely
entertaining, this Pearl Dive Project spans a global virtual stage with five collaborators! Each episode is
an in-depth look at the creative journey of one of our invited collaborators from concept to finished
dance. Filmed at 4k resolution, each dance is a cinematic experience!

The first episode follows Lois Greenfield, nationally and internationally renowned American
photographer best known for her unique approach to photographing the human form in motion.
"What a treat it was to work with Ashley and Jamey again, after many years of collaborative and
improvisational photo sessions in my studio that began in the mid 80’s. Working on Pearl Dive I
imagined I would be morphing my photographs into a live dance, using my favorite studio props, like
mirrors, mylar and other reflective surfaces. One thing I learned from the experience is that it is easier
to take a photo of a dance, than make a dance about photos!"- Lois Greenfield, on creating Photo Synthesis

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