Body Vox - Pearl Dive Project

Episode Five - Matt Groening
Virtual Program

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5 Episodes, 5 Collaborators, 8 Dancers, Unlimited Creativity

Join BodyVox for our 2021 version of Pearl Dive Project! Completely reimagined and entirely entertaining, this Pearl Dive Project spans a global virtual stage with five collaborators! Each episode is an in-depth look at the creative journey of one of our invited collaborators from concept to finished dance. Filmed at 4k resolution, each dance is a cinematic experience!

"Cold Water Acid Boogie" was developed with writer/animator/producer Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons. Drawing inspiration from the dichotomy of music and lyrics in some of his favorite country songs, Groening describes the creative process he experienced with BodyVox as an "irresistible, mysterious transaction."

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