Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider isn’t looking to change the world, just maybe make it a little more engaging for all of us. Driven in ways most people can’t understand, he creates in ways we can’t miss

Tickets: Reserved Seating $23.50, $35.00

Tags don't stick well to Bob Schneider. Renaissance man comes close, but is too pompous to consider for the insatiably curious, impossibly creative force who sees art everywhere he
looks and hears music in the sounds of life unwinding around him.

Throughout 2015, Bob Schneider will unveil The King Kong Suite, a threeEP series, beginning with Volume 1, an elegant and soaring collection of songs about love and loss. Volume 2 and Volume 3 will be released this summer and fall, each with its own sound and style. Schneider, a gifted visual artist who exhibits worldwide, will combine music and art in this limited edition run of vinyl and CD’s. Following two concept albums, King Kong returns to the spirit of Lonelyland, his breakout solo album.

“The thing that I like about King Kong, and what it says about me as an artist is, it sounds like me, for whatever that's worth,” says Schneider. “My music isn't ever really just one thing. It's quirky. One minute it seems like it's a joke and the next it's deadly serious, and that's in the same song. I'm not an easy person to understand or figure out, but and
I hope I'm right it keeps things interesting in the long run.”


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