Bend WebCAM 2013

Presented buy PAGE ONE POWER. Now in its fifth year of attracting some of the country’s most dynamic speakers and innovative thinkers.

The Left Brain (aka "Geek") track dives into the technical, the logical and cutting edge methods of communication, such as social media, SEO, mobile marketing, etc.

The Right Brain (aka "Chic") track focuses on the creative, the emotional, the imaginative messages of communication, including advertising, design, copywriting, brand development, etc.

And finally, the Hybrid - Super Freak track merges the two ways of thinking into a synergistic gumbo, enriching anyone involved in the Web and Creative & Marketing industries, especially those who realize the inseparability of technology and creativity in a successful 21st Century business plan.

Tower Theatre on Monday October 14 from 7:30am - 5:30pm
Other venues Tuesday October 15

To register go to http://www.bendwebcam.com/register/

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