Bend Venture Conference

The 14th Annual Bend Venture Conference, hosted by EDCO, connects Social Impact, Early Stage and Growth Stage companies with investment opportunities. It is the largest Angel Conference in the Pacific Northwest.

Last year, over 600 attendees, 50 prominent investors, and 89 companies joined us for a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. Investments, awards, and prizes of nearly $4 million opened the opportunity for multiple winners at the 2016 conference!

The 2017 Bend Venture Conference will feature three competition categories: Early Stage, Growth Stage, and Social Impact with five finalists (companies) selected in each category.

  • Growth Stage Competition – this category is open to companies that have a proven concept, have generated initial revenues and are prepared to scale quickly with investment. Companies can be located anywhere in the U.S.
  • Early Stage Competition – this category is open to companies that have a great idea and are close to “proof of concept.” They are pre-revenue (or very early) and are in the process of testing their product in the market. Companies must be located in Central Oregon.
  • Social Impact Competition – this category includes for-profit companies, whose business models are integrated with a mission to have a significant and measurable social or environmental impact. Companies should be aiming to generate long-term enterprise value and attractive returns on capital. Companies can be located anywhere in the U.S.

The Bend Venture Fund, LLC is a private investment vehicle established annually to help finance the most promising business startups emerging from the event each year. Participation in the fund is by invitation only and limited to accredited investors. In 2016, the fund raised over $240K, allocating $140K to Hubb and $100K to RFPIO. In 2016, a second LLC, the BVC Social Impact LLC was established. In its first year the fund raised over $100K, allocating $50K to Hemex Health and $50K to OpConnect. (An additional $3.56 million in funds were committed to finalists from other institutional and private sources).

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