An Evening of Empowerment

Benefiting Sparrow Club, Family Access Network and Kids in the Game. An evening of empowering speakers and uplifting live music

An Evening of Empowerment speakers are just that: empowering. They come from different backgrounds and hometowns but they have a couple of things in common. One, they give with open hearts to their communities by leading passionate, purposeful lives.

Another commonality is that they each are featured in The Gift of Courage by Ken Streater. This thread has resulted in several of them gathering to speak to people like you at An Evening of Empowerment events throughout the country. As subjects in the book their stories are uplifting, humbling, and moving. As speakers, their ideals and vision are empowering and contagious. Simply, a night in their company is life changing.

Unique to our events is the multi-pronged fundraising element. Each show serves as a fundraiser for local non-profits that make huge positive impacts on the communities in which we speak. As an attendee or sponsor of these events, you are helping these richly deserving beneficiaries.

We invite you to spend time with some of the best speakers and most amazing people on earth. Please join us for an evening of empowerment.

Adults $35 Student 16 and Under $20

Speakers for the evening

Eric Plantenberg: Personal development industry leader and Everest mountainee

Jeff Leeland: Award-winning author, near-death survivor, and founder of Sparrow Clubs

Kelley Kalafatich: Pioneering river guide, stuntwoman for Meryl Streep, motivator and mentor to thousands who are living their dreams

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