"All.I.Can" World Tour

Visionary Backcountry Skiing on the frontlines of Global Environmentalism by Sherpas Cinema. A Fundraiser for Central Oregon Avalanche Association.


An Environmental Awareness Snow Sports Film by Sherpas Cinema

Tickets: General Admission $12 Advance and $15 Day of Show

All.I.Can. Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Sherpas Cinema, the groundbreaking film team deeply rooted in authenticity and progression, present their newest film - 2 years, 5 countries and over 15 skiers in the making: All.I.Can.


The time has come for a ski film that stands for something. Join Sherpas Cinema as they unite spectacular cinematography with creative cinematic language to fuse passion for skiing with motivation for green initiatives and forward thinking. In bringing the planet to life and drawing parallels between daily existence, they find a common ground between the global situation and the real individual.

Sherpas Cinema has been an established entity in the North American ski-film industry for over 8 years now and they are set apart from the norm through their unbridled creativity, artistic flare, and motives of environmental and educational consciousness. Their film, All.I.Can., is a spectacular visual and emotional journey from the personal to the world perspective.

Broken into the three areas of focus, the Sherpas take us on a confronting, magical and inspiring path. Emphasizing the ‘ALL’ that has impacted our world in a natural and anthropogenic sense, what ‘I’ndividuals in mountain cultures have recognized to be issues and what changes we ‘CAN’ strive to implement globally and make in our everyday lives. Featured athlete JP Auclair drives home the sobering thought and environmental motivation that the film creates, stating “we feel like we need to be doing less of this and less of that. But I don’t think it’s about doing less, it’s about doing more”. These personal goals, motivations and passions for encouraging environmental awareness around the world, and especially in the winter climes that support the lifestyle of the professional athletes presented in the film, are portrayed throughout in an adrenaline-filled, inspired fashion.

The incredible natural cinematography, integrated music and structural components of the film have melded together in a chillingly awe-inspiring presentation of various layers, messages and stories. Taking ski-filmmaking to an entirely new level, the Sherpas are going beyond tricks and big lines and injecting a sense of morality and social responsibility.
Featuring ground-breaking skiing from Chile to Greenland, naturally mind-blowing scenery, and an environmental engagement that creates an accessible identification point for the viewer, All.I.Can leaves you with an inspiring new perspective and appreciation for what we have and what we stand to lose

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