Academie de Ballet - Peter Pan

Annual Recital ~ Matinee

Wondrous tale Captain Hook and his energetic pirate crew. Alas, Peter Pan and his awful band of lost kids keep interrupting the poor, long suffering Captain Hook's pirating endeavors.

And yet, we haven't' even mentioned those dreadful, Darling children - Wendy Darling and her two bothers, John and little Michael. 

On the Island of Neverland a small tribe of natives are led by the beautiful Indian Princess, Tiger Lily. Captain Hook fancies Tiger Lily. Do you think she shares his amorous intentions.

This story travels far and wide from the Darling's house in London to the Lagoon of Neverland where we find Captain Hook and crew looking for a ship to raid. The story begins in the Darling nursery....... 

Tickets: General Admission; Adults and Seniors $12; Children 6 - 16 $8; Children 5 and under FREE with paid adult.

Day of Show price increase; Adults and Seniors $15; Children 6-16 $10; Children under 5 FREE with paid adult

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