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Mathieu Federspiel at the Tower Theatre

Mathieu Federspiel

Meet Mathieu Federspiel, Tower Theatre Foundation IT Manager! Mathieu first supported the Tower as a volunteer, but over the last 2 years he’s supported the entire operation as the IT-technical-guru. Mathieu’s favorite thing about the Tower is the variety of events and characters that come through on any given day. And his favorite thing about Bend? He enjoys the access to all of the outdoor recreation, the beautiful scenery, all of the live music, and the great theater companies. Speaking of theater, he didn’t always construct software and servers, in fact, in college he did the actual theater construction! Mathieu’s favorite memory of the Tower is from the Guitar Series a couple of years ago. “The performances were amazing,” he commented, “The way people created and played the music on the spot was astounding.” Mathieu also thinks it would be astounding to see Robbin Williams take over the Tower, and you know what, we agree!!

Please join us in a round of applause for Mathieu and the great work he does for the Tower!

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