Tower’s “Worthy Wednesdays” Return

Tower’s “Worthy Wednesdays” Return

Your weekly summer stop for beer tastings and Tower Theatretours is back, starting Wednesday, June 4. Shop Bend’s downtown Farmers Market,and then drop into the Tower through the theatre’s back door on BrooksPromenade for free beer and popcorn. Last year, the Tower’s open houses,christened “Worthy Wednesday” after sponsor Worthy Brewing, welcomed 3,000people in six weeks. And the national publication Arts Reach Magazine praised Worthy Wednesday for offering a “perfectstorm of exposure to potential patrons, the sponsor and the community.”

The Tower’s Development Director, Todd Dickerson, recruitedWorthy Brewing, offering them a unique and highly visible way to promote theircraft beers. Volunteer Coordinator Kit Dickey manages a team of volunteers leadingtours and passing out popcorn and information on upcoming Tower events.

“Most of the people who come to Worthy Wednesdays have neverbeen in the Tower before,” says Dickerson. “The drop-in format is tailor-made forfamilies and couples in their 20’s and 30’s. We are reaching an entirely newaudience in an easy, free and fun way. Folks seem to really enjoy just hangingout in the—need I say it?—air conditioned Tower!”

Worthy Wednesdays run through August 6. Beer samples will berotated each week, limit two samples per person per week.

The nonprofit Tower Theatre Foundation owns and operates thehistoric stage in downtown Bend. The Foundation’s mission is to be CentralOregon’s leading performing arts organization, providing cultural andeducational programs that make essential contributions to the region’slifestyle and strength of community. Membership, program information andindividual and group tickets are available at the box office (835 NW Wall), byphone (541-317-0700) or online (www.towertheatre.org).Details on events are also at facebook.com/TheTowerTheatre.

What:              Worthy Wednesdays-- Tastes & Tours

When:             June 4 thru August 6 -- 3-7 pm

Where:            TowerTheatre - 835 NW Wall Street - Bend, Oregon

Tickets:           FREE --541-317-0700 or TowerTheatre.org

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