“Bend Follies” was Funny for Money

“Bend Follies” was Funny for Money

For two nights, prominent business, civic, and entertainmentleaders showed off their singing, dancing and comedy skills to put the “fun”back in “fundraising” for the Tower Theatre Foundation. It was the secondannual Bend Follies, a variety show about Bend, by Bend, and for Bend. “TheFollies were designed to showcase the important role the nonprofit TowerFoundation plays in the cultural life of Central Oregon,” said Bob Singer,chair of the Tower’s board of directors. “And a good wayto spread that serious message is through a comedy show; one that opens onenight, and closes the next!” concluded Singer.

Follies hosts Chuck Arnold (Downtown Bend BusinessAssociation) and Maralyn Thoma (2nd Street Theater), led a cast of nearly 90volunteer performers, including: employeesof Deschutes Brewery, McMenamin’s, Atlas Cider; Chamber of Commerce Board; BendCity Council; Bend Bachata and U’Hane Hawaii Hula dancers; Belegarth MedievalCombat Society; cast of “Les Miserables’; NewsChannel 21’s Alicia Inns and LeeAnderson; KQAK’s Dave Clemens; Saxon’s Jewelers’ Ron Henderson and EmilyBrinegar; Kristi Miller; Tom DeWolf; and many others.

“Everyone left the Follies feeling good about Bend, theTower, their talented friends and neighbors – and with very little money leftin their wallets,” said Tower Foundation director of development ToddDickerson. “And that’s what I call a successful fundraiser!”

Specifically, the Follies (April 25 and 26) raised $37,000through donations, auctions, ticket sales, a guitar and mandolin raffle, and cash“votes” for gratuitous standing ovations.

Ray Solley, executive director of the Tower Foundation,announced the 2015 Follies will be April 24 and 25. “We’ve already startedwriting song parodies and Bended News stories. We want to make Bend laugh inthe worst way,” Solley said.

The Tower Theatre Foundation owns and operates the historicstage in downtown Bend. The Foundation’s mission is to provide performing arts,civic, educational and social events that enliven and enrich the lives of allCentral Oregonians. Individual and group tickets are available at the boxoffice (835 NW Wall), by phone (541-317-0700) or online (www.towertheatre.org).

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