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Our Board of Directors

The Tower Theatre is operated by the Tower Theatre Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


The Tower Theatre Foundation mission is to to be Central Oregon's leading performing arts organization, providing cultural and educational programs that make essential contributions to the region's lifestyle and strength of community.  The Foundation is managed by the Board of Directors, who are members of the community dedicated to the Tower Theatre Foundation's mission. These current volunteers and their predecessors have been responsible for the restoration and ongoing vitality of the Tower Theatre. We thank them for their efforts, energy, resources and support.

Tower Theatre Board of Directors:

Doug Watson: Doug champions the efforts to streamline and care for multiple software and hardware needs. He is a business mentor and valuable resource for staff. His project management experience and involvement with Habitat for Humanity have brought a new focus to the Tower’s facility management.

Vice Chair
Richard Gallio: Richard has many years of diverse board experience, as well as customer loyalty and branding expertise. A recent addition to the board, Richard is working with development staff and the ED to improve the Tower’s communications with patrons and donors, and better connect them to our mission.

Ann Rhoads: Ann is a finance and business professional with 33 years of experience providing auditing, accounting and financial advisory services to public and private financial services companies. As Treasurer, Ann has reviewed the Tower’s policies and procedures assessing risk and improved efficiencies as the Tower budget and organization has experienced significant growth over the past five years.

Meredith Savadove: Meredith recently rejoined the board after living overseas for a few years. Meredith has worked closely with the ED and his leadership team providing tools, coaching and support as they implement more sophisticated performance review and professional development processes for the organization.

Michelle Andre: Michelle is the managing Director for Women in Research (WIRe) and Andre Marketing & Design. She also spent many years in nonprofit performing arts, managing membership, marketing, and planned giving.  Michelle works closely with the Tower’s marketing and fundraising staff, helping develop more cohesive, strategic plans for those areas of the organization.

Ed Irish: Ed has decades of nonprofit board and fundraising experience and has been a generous supporter of the Tower since moving to the area in 2014.  Ed is working with the Tower’s fundraising director and offering his personal testimony to solicit additional sponsorships and donations.

Steve MacKelvie: Steve has a 40-year career dedicated entirely to the advertising, marketing and sponsorship communities. His experience with diverse clients—advertising agencies, professional sports teams, rock & roll museums, municipalities and airports—provides a wealth of knowledge to mentor Tower staff and assist in cultivating sponsors. 

Steve Magidson: Steve’s passion for the arts in general, and the Tower in particular, has made him an unsurpassed ambassador for the organization. Steve recently returned to the board after a by-law required break.  He is taking a leadership role in developing a planned giving program with Michelle Andre.

Ray Solley, Executive Director: A nonprofit board should actively represent the organization’s various stakeholders. The board felt those who work for and with the Foundation should have a formal and equal “seat at the table.” Ray, as the Executive Director, effectively represents that constituency as a voting member of the Tower board.

Simeon Purkey: Executive Director, Frontier Management

Tracy McGill: Business and Administrative Services Consultant

Colin Clark:
Principal, Esplori Van Conversions

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